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We, the Franklin Regional School community, strive for excellence, learning, achievement, and citizenship in all we do.

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Spotlight on the 5C's ~ Issue 3

This year, Franklin Regional is offering a new publication, "Spotlight on the 5C's," that will feature the many ways our K-12 Franklin Regional educators use innovative approaches to model, design, and guide student learning of the 5C's ~ Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Citizenship. Each issue will focus on one or more of the 5's and share unique opportunities that are designed to foster student growth in these core 21st-century workforce expectations. Issue 3 issue emphasizes both critical thinking and creativity. Enjoy!

Outdoor Community Health Fair 4.29.24

Mark your calendar! An Outdoor Health Fair designed for the COMMUNITY! This effort is a collaboration between Franklin Regional and the University of Pittsburgh MAPS program. There will be something for everyone of every age, so we hope families and community members will join us for FUN and FEEL GOOD activities! CLICK for details...

Online Kindergarten Registration for 2024-25

The Franklin Regional School District looks forward to welcoming parents of preschoolers and providing opportunities for each family to become familiar with district staff and the overall kindergarten program. The official registration window opens on Monday, February 5, 2024, and lasts through March 31, 2024. This year, registration has shifted to an online process. CLICK to be redirected to the information page and online portal.
Transition Timeline

Kindergarten Transition for 2024-25

Is your child transitioning into Kindergarten in the fall? Be sure to mark down these very important spring/summer dates to participate in a variety of sessions for both parents and children. We're so excited to welcome our next group of Panther cubs!

Kindergarten Outdoor Storywalk for Preschoolers

The Kindergarten Outdoor Storywalk is the most loved event in the transition process for preschoolers. It is designed for children who will be attending kindergarten at FR Primary School in the 2024-25 school year. The event will take place on the evenings of May 21 or 22nd. Sign-up is required. CLICK to read more...

Kindergarten Brigance Screening

Kindergarten Brigance Screening is the next step in the transition to kindergarten process at Franklin Regional. Appointments are now being accepted for the week of May 13-17, 2024. CLICK for more information...

Are you a graduate of FR?

Calling all FR Alumni! We'd love to reconnect with you! We are always seeking career speakers as well as to make connections through the Franklin Regional Panther Foundation. CLICK if you'd like to support a new generation of Panthers!

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We are committed to excellence. Students, families, staff, administrators, and community partners work every day to make our school more vibrant, rigorous, creative, adaptable, and fun.
We are committed to learning as a multi-faceted, life-long process and the focus of everything we do. We expect everyone to develop knowledge, skills, and self-awareness.
We are committed to growth in academics. We promote, recognize, and value our accomplishments.
We act with integrity and in an ethical and responsible manner. In this way, we promote each person's ability to be a productive, contributing, thoughtful, respectful, and socially responsible citizen.